Kelly's Directories of Bedford & Kempston

Click on the required directory to see sample screenshots of the browser pages.

The four directories shown above can be purchased separately or a combination on one CD.

Prices and options are as follows:
Option Directory Price
A 1949-50 Bedford & Kempston £8.00 + £1.20 P&P
B 1963 Bedford & Kempston £10.00 + £1.20 P&P
C 1975 Tradefinder for Bedford & Kempston £3.00 + £1.20 P&P
D 1976 Tradefinder for Bedford & Kempston £3.00 + £1.20 P&P
E Option A plus C & D on one CD £10.00 + £1.20 P&P
F Option B plus C & D on one CD £12.00 + £1.20 P&P
G All four directories on one CD £15.00 + £1.20 P&P

The Kelly’s Directory for Bedford 1949-50 and the Kelly’s Directory for Bedford 1963 cover streets and surnames for Bedford, Biddenham, Clapham, Kempston and Professional & Trade entries, plus the history pages for those areas. The 1963 directory also has a map of Bedford town plus a map of Bedford and surrounding areas for 1969. The two Kelly’s Tradefinder for Bedford & Kempston directories cover the Professional & Trade entries, plus Official Establishments & Local Institutions in the Bedford & Kempston areas for 1975 & 1976.

The scanned images are JPEG files, not PDF files, so there are no transcription errors and a browser interface is provided with menu & index hyperlinks to simplify finding the required page and displaying the image. Previous and Next page links are also provided so that the pages can be read in the same sequence as the original directory. This disc will work with Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7 and should auto run, depending on the operating system version of your PC, or if preferred, the whole disc can be copied to your hard drive. It has also been tested with Windows Internet Explorer , Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. 

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