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Note for:   Gladys Gwendoline Williams,   23 OCT 1886 - 15 SEP 1955         Index

     Date:   1901
     Place:   Dressmakers Apprentice (Census)

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Note for:   Frank Berry Williams,   1884 - 22 OCT 1926         Index

     Date:   1901
     Place:   Engineers Apprentice (Census)

Individual Note:
     Notes on The Eastway as supplied from members of the Maritime History List (

e-mail 1 received from Paul Edwards, 25 January 2002.

1a)EASTWAY ex Norfolk, Virginia, USA for Pernambuco, Brazil, encountered a hurricane on 22 October 1926 at approximately 31North, 64 West.
She subsequently sank and the steamer LUCILINE rescued 12 survivors on the following day.

1b) Since she was a British ship, you might also have a look at:

There is a chance that they retain archival material on EASTWAY.

Additionally, there would have been a Board of Trade enquiry into the loss. I infer this from John Stevens reply which alludes to overloading. Such a conclusion most probably would have been drawn by a formal enquiry.

The IIRC records, if they still exist, will be held by the PRO at Kew.

Paul Edwards
New Jersey, USA

e-mail 2 received from John D. Stevenson, 25 January 2002.

Steel screw steamer.
Laid down as PENTLAND GRANGE for Furness Withy & Co Ltd.
Launched as KRASNOIARSK for Russian Volunteer Fleet Association, Archangel.
Launched September 1915 at Yard No.224 by Northumberland S.B. Co., Ltd., Newcastle.
5812 grt, 400ft length, 52ft beam. Triple expansion engine.

1918. The Shipping Controller (Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., London, mngr's) Off No. 142462.
1923. EASTWAY. St Mary Steamship Co., Ltd. (Williams Bro's (Cardiff) Ltd.)
22nd October 1926. Foundered in a hurricane in Lat. 31.25N, Long. 64.15W, on passage from Hampton Roads to Pernambuco with a cargo of coal.

The EASTWAY left Norfolk Virginia for Pernambuco on 18th October 1926, with 7500 tons of cargo coal & 1761 tons of bunker coal, being overloaded by an estimated 141 tons.
She was commanded by Captain J.H. Vanstone and carried a crew of 35 [34?].

On 21st the ship received a wireless message that a hurricane was
approaching, but it was assumed by the ships officers they would only pass through the fringes.
This proved to be wrong and by the 22nd she was hit by the hurricane, had her hatch covers ripped off and developed a list. The master while supervising the fitting of fresh hatch covers was swept overboard.
At 5.38 p.m. on the 22nd - the vessel having a 15degree list - an S.O.S. was sent giving the vessels position as 31.25N, 64.15W.
At 7.00 p.m. the EASTWAY turned on her beam end and sank with 22 members of her crew.

The third mate Mr Davey, the only surviving officer, and eleven men were picked up by the steamer LUCILINE at noon the following day.

The above from:
"Dictionary of Disasters at Sea" by C. Hocking.
World Ship Society,
Sea Breezes,
Various newspapers.

Trust this is of help.
John D. Stevenson A.M.I.Mar.E.
Three inches of snow in two hours, Edinburgh.

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Note for:   Hilda Irene Williams,   21 FEB 1891 - 2 JAN 1978         Index

     Date:   1911
     Place:   Millinery (Census)

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Note for:   Clifford Montague Williams,   30 MAR 1895 - 26 JUL 1963         Index

     Date:   1911
     Place:   Apprentice (Census)

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Note for:   Frances Mary Williams,   1882 -          Index

Alias:   Fanny /Williams/

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Note for:   Frank Perriman,   1911 - 1997         Index

Alias:   Frank /Perryman/

Individual Note:
     The story of the name-change as told by Brian Perriman (son of Frank):
The spelling of Perryman was changed from a Y to an I Perriman, by my father, when enlisting in the army.
He walked into Mainde Barracks, Cardiff, at the age of 17 years, only to be told he was too young to enlist,
but determined to join the army, he went away, only to return a few hours later, spelled his name differently
and said he was 18. He was enlisted immediately.
My dad remained in the army until he was 54 years old and retired a Major (the army thought he was 55).

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Note for:   George Lawson,    -          Index

Alias:   George Lawson /Perryman/

Individual Note:
     Surname may be Larson?

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Note for:   George Henry Williams,   1856 - 1926         Index

     Place:   Colliery clerk

     Date:   1881
     Place:   Clerk Coal Trade (Census)

     Date:   1891
     Place:   Colliery Clerk (Census)

     Date:   1901
     Place:   Colliery Shipping Clerk (Census)

     Date:   1911
     Place:   Clerk - Colliery Company (Census)

Individual Note:
     There is a birth registration for a George Henry Williams in:
District: Cardiff
Vol: 11a
Page: 256

From a newspaper cutting:


The death occurred at 13, Machen Place, Riverside, Cardiff, on Saturday of Mr. George Henry Williams,
who was with Nixon's Navigation Coal Company at Cardiff Docks for nearly 60 years.
Mr. Williams, who was 70 years of age, was a native of Cardiff, and went to work at the Docks 56 years ago.
He was employed at the telegraph service before going to Messrs. Nixon's, from whose service he retired
on pension two years ago.
Mr. Williams was for many years well-known in local musical circles, and was formerly a member of the choir
of the old mission ship Thisbe and of the Llandaff Cathedral Choir.
He was also a member of Caradog's Choir, and was for many years the financial secretary and librarian of the
Cardiff Cymmrodorion Choral Society.
In Friendly Society circles he was very well known and was a life-long member of the Manchester Unity of Oddfellows,
holding all of the offices in turn.
He was an ardent Churchman, being a foundation member of St. Cadoc's, Riverside.
Mr Williams, who leaves two sons and three daughters, lost another son - Mr. Frank Berry Williams - when the
steamship Eastward foundered off Bermuda a few months ago.

Possibly in the 1861 census for Cardiff area (Treforest, Llantwit Fardre).

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Note for:   Unknown Lawson,    -          Index

Individual Note:
     Surname may be Larson?

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Note for:   Unknown Hood,    -          Index

Alias:   /W18/